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Uniseguros is an Insurance Brokerage Company in Costa Rica, with more than 50 years of experience in the corporate and individual insurance market. Uniseguros Insurance Brokerage Firm is a brokerage firm accredited by SUGESE to provide insurance services for any of the thirteen insurance companies registered in the country. 


What is an Insurance Brokerage Company? 


It is an individual or legal entity that performs the activity of private insurance mediation without signing any contract with insurance companies and offers independent, professional and impartial advice to those who want to take out insurance to cover the risks to which they are exposed.

Our history


UNACOOP Management formalizes the agreement with the INS and recognizes a percentage of the premium of the policies paid by cooperatives.


After the approval of the Law of Cooperative Associations, the UNACOOP agreement with the INS covers insurance intermediation through promoters.


UNACOOP changes to Uniseguros and is registered in SUGESE under the name of Sociedad Agencia de Seguros Uniseguros SA, offering INS products.



Uniseguros begins the transformation process to Sociedad Corredora de Seguros and will offer products from all insurers in the country.




More about us
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Offer a service of excellence in insurance brokerage that, backed by a solid business structure, meets the protection needs of our clients.
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​To be a reference company, constantly updated, highly efficient, supported by technological resources and made up of enthusiastic, committed and qualified professionals who team up with the client to fully satisfy their protection needs.
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Ethics,Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork,Tolerance, Communication and Proactivity


Our administrative team
Jose Andres Navas Brenes, General Manager 

Kattia Rivera Chacon

José Andrés is a young man passionate about the subject of insurance, since he was young he has been involved in the processes to be accredited as an insurance agent, a distinction he obtained in 2008. José Andrés has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the UCR, he has a Master's Degree in Project Management from FGV University in Brazil, as well as a postgraduate degree in Finance from Fordham University in New York.

Kattia, one of our most experienced brokers and with more years of being part of the UNISEGUROS family, with a trajectory of more than 30 years in the insurance sector, attending accounts at a national and international level. Kattia has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and also has a Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Capital Management, both degrees obtained at FUNDEPOS University. Kattia has been certified in Leading Managers and Strategic Leadership from INCAE Business School, among other valuable certifications.

Michelle Goyenaga
Corporate Insurance Manager 

With more than 10 years managing key accounts in the corporate sector, Michelle brings to UNISEGUROS a mix of good attitude, knowledge and dedication, a mix that has allowed her to maintain excellent relationships with her clients. Michelle's experience began as a cashier, then a data entry clerk, becoming an accounting assistant, treasurer and auditor, all in the insurance business. Michelle is a Bachelor of Public Accounting, in the process of thesis to obtain a bachelor's degree and has accreditations in Insurance Technician, Human Resources Technician and Accounting Technician.

Hazel Zaroma Mora
Customer Service Executive

Hazel, Bachelor of Secondary Education, is an Authorized Insurance Agent to market all insurance lines of the INS since 2015. Hazel has a Middle Technician in Accounting, studies in Professional Secretariat and also has work experience in the positions of cashier, typist and customer service.



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