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Insurance for people


The only thing we are sure of in this life is death. So be prepared to give your family the support it deserves in the event that you are absent.  


Unfortunately, diseases, illnesses or accidents do not warn when they are going to arrive or occur. It is precisely in situations like these that it becomes relevant to have insurance that helps you cover expenses.


Having your car insured is being able to travel calmly through all the streets of our country. Voluntary auto insurance is more than an ally for you, it is an ally for your vehicle, those who travel in it and those people or cars with whom you share the road.


What is civil liability? Well, with a simple example you will understand. If you collide with another vehicle or with a house, your civil responsibility is to bear the expenses that the repairs entail. 


Fires in homes can be caused not only by an act of carelessness, but also by lightning, an explosion or implosion, gusts of wind, etc. That is why it is of the utmost importance to protect your home well with fire insurance.

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Traveling is a reason to only bring back good memories, for this reason it is always better to travel safely, consult Uniseguros advice.

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