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Health Insurance

Unfortunately, illnesses, diseases, illnesses or accidents do not warn you when they are going to arrive or occur. It is precisely in situations like these that it is important to have insurance to help you cover the expenses.

More details about this insurance

Health insurance can be national insurance or international insurance, depending on your own or your family's needs. These insurances can be purchased individually or collectively and their coverage is per policy year, always covering illnesses, diseases or accidents.


The coverages vary depending on the issuing insurance company, however, the coverages usually cover the following aspects: outpatient expenses (consultations, medications, laboratory services, etc.). They may also cover hospitalization services, special examinations, maternity, nursing support at home, etc. 


For those who require an international service, we also have the ideal product, which covers both in Costa Rican territory and internationally. This service is marketed only in US dollars and has coverage for illnesses, hospitalizations, accidents, ambulatory process expenses, medications, among others. 

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