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Occupational Risk Insurance

La obligación del lado del patrono es siempre mantener a su fuerza laboral protegida ante la posibilidad de sufrir un siniestro de manera accidental o bien una enfermedad causada por el trabajo.  

More details about this insurance

The Labor Risks Insurance is a mandatory insurance that every employer must acquire to guarantee that in case of accident or illness, their employees will be covered.


The acquisition of this insurance gives the employer the peace of mind that in case of an accident or illness of their employees, they will receive the cash benefits, the necessary medical services and the rehabilitation required so that their community can return to work. 


Not all work is the same, that is why this insurance has the versatility to be able to adapt to the different requirements of each activity in order to provide adequate protection. This leads to coverage that applies to events that occur within and outside the national territory, for those employees who have the modality of teleworking, all those recreational, sports, sustainability and social responsibility activities that are organized by the employer. One of the main benefits of this policy is that the employer does not have to pay any premium.

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