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Life insurance

The only thing we have for sure in this life is death. So be prepared to give your family the support they deserve in the event of your absence.

More details about this insurance


Do you have a family and have not yet seen the need for life insurance? Here we will explain why this insurance is so necessary and we will offer you the best options with the best advice that UNISEGUROS knows how to provide. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we can give our family members the opportunity to cope in the best way possible with the absence of a loved one. If your family depends on you financially, that's all the more reason that in your absence, they can maintain their lifestyle and secure the future you envision for them. 


Life insurance will also support families in dealing with the moment of tragedy when no one has a head to think about what to do. We make sure you meet all the necessary requirements.


Consult with your UNISEGUROS insurance advisor for quotes that can be provided so that you can choose the insurance that best suits your personal and family needs. Remember that at UNISEGUROS we are your friends and we design insurance tailored to your needs. 


Requirements to purchase this insurance: 

  1. Identity card in good condition and in force. 

  2. To be in the age range between 15 and 65 years old. 

  3. Legal document indicating the address of residence of the insured. 

  4. Proof of salary. 

  5. To present a declaration of health condition.

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