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Insurance against

Fires in homes can be caused not only by an act of carelessness, but also by a lightning strike, an explosion or implosion, wind gusts, etc. That is why it is of utmost importance to protect your home with fire insurance.

More details about this insurance

Fires are the kind of disasters that we never want to experience in our lives, and we have hardly ever thought that they could happen to us. However, they are natural disasters that can affect our assets and we are not exempt from them happening to us. 


Fire insurance not only protects you against losses caused by fire, it also protects you against earthquakes, floods, landslides and even damages that may be caused by falling objects such as airplanes, trees, antennas or damages caused by rain or spills of substances. 


In addition to protecting your assets from natural disasters such as fires, strong winds, landslides, floods, telluric movements, and other risks, you can insure your home against theft or attempted theft, civil liability and labor risks for domestic servants. 


Requirements to purchase this insurance: 

  1. Authorized document of the person who owns the property, legal status in case of being a company. 

  2. Legal document indicating the address of the residence to be insured.

  3. A list of the goods that are in the property.

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