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Auto insurance

To have your car insured is to be able to travel with peace of mind through all the streets of our country. Voluntary auto insurance is more than an ally for you, it is an ally for your vehicle, those who travel in it and those people or cars with whom you share the road.

More details about this insurance

Have you ever wondered how much you have to pay if you crash your vehicle and don't have it insured? The consequences of not having your car insured can range from having to spend all your savings, taking out a loan or worse, having your car parked and not running for a long period of time. 


Voluntary auto insurance will also provide you with roadside support in case the vehicle breaks down. From the mechanic, to the locksmith, to the transportation service to get you to your destination. You and your vehicle are always protected. 


Ask your UNISEGUROS insurance advisor for quotes that can be provided so you can choose the insurance that best suits your personal and family needs. Remember that at UNISEGUROS we are your friends and we design insurance tailored to your needs. 

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