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Fire Insurance

It is possible to have a wide range of risks covered in a single policy. The Multi-Risk Fire Insurance is a product that helps you cover different claims (varies depending on the coverage chosen).

More details about this insurance

Uniseguros will always look for the way to advise you in the best way, regardless of the insurance company that provides the service, we will be at your side to advise you and follow up on all your queries and claims. In this case, one of our providers has the Multi-Risk Fire insurance, this ally is the INS. 

This group has designed an insurance with solid characteristics that cover without any doubt the needs that have been detected in the multiple national markets. 


Without leaving out any company or productive sector of the country, this product has a wide range of coverage options that will provide benefits such as handling a single policy that involves different risks, leaving aside the depreciation in case of theft in insured goods, multiple discounts on specific products, broader coverage than fire insurance, the possibility of obtaining a Commercial Multi-Assistance Coverage Plan Plus, among other aspects. 


The Multi-Risk Fire insurance service has different coverages that meet the needs of companies depending on their size and needs. 


Among the coverage plans are the basic plans: 

  1. Coverage T: All risks not catastrophic. 

  2. Coverage C: Flood, landslide and wind. 

  3. Coverage D: Convulsions of nature. 


Additionally, the following coverages may be purchased or added: 

  1. Coverage F: Loss of benefits. 

  2. Coverage H: Loss of rents due to lease contract. 

  3. Coverage M: Loading and unloading maneuvers of merchandise. 

  4. Coverage Q: Extra expenses. 

  5. Coverage R: Theft or attempted theft. 

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