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What is liability insurance? Well, with a simple example you will understand. If you collide with another vehicle or a house, your liability is to take care of the expenses involved in the repairs. 

More details about this insurance

Liability insurance supports you in these procedures and costs, which can be very high and may be out of your budget. Are you worried if your vehicle is very old or very new? It does not matter, this insurance does not require an analysis or inspection of the vehicle, since it can be purchased quickly. It is important to note that the cost of the insurance will vary depending on the type of vehicle.  


This insurance can be purchased once you make the payment of your marchamo, you can request it through the electronic branches or at the windows of the different banks where you can make this payment. 


If I have an accident and I have to pay the insurance, what should I do? Remember that at UNISEGUROS we are always here to provide you with the best advice in the market, so we always recommend you to contact your trusted broker or call the UNISEGUROS hotline. In addition to this, you may proceed to contact the insurance company with which the liability insurance was issued so that one of their representatives can come and report the situation. Remember, NEVER leave the place without first reporting the situation to the respective authorities. 


Requirements to purchase this insurance: 

  1. Request the insurance in UNISEGUROS. 

  2. Complete the questionnaire that will depend on the activity to be insured.

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