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Why is insurance an investment?

Have you ever had to go to a private clinic for an emergency health problem? Without a doubt, private services are an excellent option in the event of an emergency, but they are also considerably expensive.

We are all exposed on a daily basis to situations that can put our health, our assets and even our lives at risk. Although for many people insurance is an expense, it is really an investment that can save your finances and your family's future.

Uniseguros offers a wide range of insurance products in order to meet all the needs of its clients and to be able to provide customized services.

Normally, people see insurance as an obligation, for example, vehicle insurance, which is a government requirement. Few people believe that insurance is beneficial, while others have the mentality that it is very expensive and prefer not to invest.

Let's use an example to explain why insurance is an investment. A family with a school-age child decides not to pay for insurance to cover the child's illness or accident, the child becomes ill and requires emergency hospitalization and is taken to a private medical center. The hospitalization costs more than $10,000. What would have happened if this family had purchased health insurance at a cost of approximately $10 per month?

What would have happened is that the insurance would have covered up to 80% of the expenses incurred in the emergency, with the family paying only the remaining 20%. Is insurance an investment or not when you can save 80% of the expenses in an emergency?

Undoubtedly, there is a need to change the mentality regarding insurance, so that more people can have the benefits in terms of health, life, vehicle, business, etc., claims.

Do not hesitate to contact Uniseguros to provide you with a personalized and complete advice in order to offer you the insurance that best suits your needs.


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