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Freight Insurance

There are different types of cargo transportation within the country, which can be insured so that your company always has the peace of mind that your goods travel safely.

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For this reason, there is an internal cargo transportation insurance, so that each company (depending on the productive or commercial sector) can insure and guarantee that the value of the merchandise will always be protected.  


For the following sectors, a specific cargo insurance policy service is provided:

Inland transportation of containers - This insurance is exclusive for those companies that are dedicated to or have within their operations the transfer of goods inside containers, which can be totally or partially closed. Inside these containers, the cargo must be conditioned to be stowed so that it does not need to be handled during the journey. 

The transportation of fuel is not only done by transportation companies or dispensing stations, but also by those companies that require large quantities of fuel due to the nature of their business and therefore carry it. These companies (transport companies, service stations and companies that consume fuel in large quantities) are offered an insurance that covers the economic losses that may arise as a result of the risk involved in the transportation of fuel. 

The priority of this insurance is to keep the carrier or the person in charge of transporting the goods in his custody safe. This insurance applies as long as the goods are transported by land. 


There are two types of insurance contracts: 

  1. Closed policy: Covers a single transport. 

  2. Open declarations policy: Covers all the transports required by the owner of the merchandise.

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